Get to Know the People on Preston

Steve Moffatt

“I joined Waterford Property Group after running my family’s real estate holding company for almost 30 years. I’d been talking to Waterford’s ownership on and off over the years about this position. I’ve known them since high school. Knowing them for so long, and having a great deal of trust in them, helped make the decision to join Waterford an easy one.”

“Waterford has been in existence for a couple of years but, with only a few exceptions, all of the staff have been directly involved in the management of Preston Square for many years as employees of Sakto Management Services. Waterford is essentially a re-branding of what was and is a top-notch management team, and it carries forward their philosophy on how to operate. For the most part, Waterford’s primary responsibility is management of Preston Square, although our property management reach and experience is region-wide.”

“I think what’s happening in the Preston Street area is absolutely fantastic. Almost every city I’ve travelled to has an old downtown and a new downtown. Things evolve and certain areas become hot pockets of development. We saw that in Westboro, and we’re starting to see it in Hintonburg. It’s high time this happened on Preston Street. Preston Square was really, I think, what got it rolling, and we’re on the cusp of seeing it really take off as a part of the city that can’t be missed.”


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