Get to Know the People on Preston

Edward Hum

“I’ve been in this business since I was 15. I’ve been here on Gladstone for about nine years. I started out working at a dealership and gradually worked toward getting my own place. I just got tired of the rat race. We started doing straight mechanical work and bodywork. Now we’re getting into used vehicle sales.”

“I lived next door to a garage and when I was a kid I hung out there. I developed a fondness for it. I got fascinated and got hooked. It’s the variety, the differences in the cars. Every car’s got a different problem; there’s no routine. I’ve worked on everything from a London double decker bus to a Rolls. If it’s weird, I’ve worked on it.”

“One of my customers works at a hotel and they had a tour bus come by. Coke was having a promotion; they were driving a 1965 double decker across Canada. It broke down when it got to Ottawa. She called me and I said it wasn’t going to fit in the garage. Amazingly enough, I found the part they needed in Ottawa. My kids took pictures. We got to ride on the bus.”

“This is my neighbourhood. My customers live on Preston, I have customers who live literally right across the street. Where else would I go? I’d say three-quarters of the customers have been customers for five years or more. Some people I‘ve known for 20 years.”


Dragon Auto at 916 Gladstone Avenue.

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