Get to Know the People on Preston

Dr. Eric DesGroseilliers

“I always had a bit of an interest in sciences, yet I was a bit of a people person. I was studying at Ottawa U in biology and spending the summers in labs, seeing the same three or four faces all summer long. I was stimulated by the intellectual side of it but there was definitely a lack of people contact. So I wanted to apply a science where I could be with people. Another perk in optometry was that it catered to the business side of me as well. It was kind of a blend of all the things that interested me.”

“We have for years offered our sites to students in their final graduating years from The University of Waterloo and The University of Montreal. They need to complete rotations in private offices. They need to have a supervisor and that’s the role I’ve played. I like being involved with what’s developing. It’s fascinating to see their drive.”

“The Canadian Examiners in Optometry is the body that develops and administers the licensing examination. I’ve been very involved with them, on the board. Also as an assessor at the universities. We would be in the exam room with a new graduate and a patient, assessing the candidate's skills. Later on I got involved more as a site supervisor for exams.”

“I’ve just been loving the area. The restaurants are amazing, the people are nice. There’s a buzz going on.”


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