Get to Know the People on Preston

Darrell Thomas

“One of my friends was going to her prom. She bought fabric and wanted to make the dress with her friends. I’d never even laid eyes on a sewing machine. My friends thought it was funny and they made me sew it. I made this strapless dress and she won best dress. So my mom said, ‘You better take sewing lessons.’ I did some classes at Algonquin and I realized I was really interested in it. I was working full-time and I gave up my career to go to design school. There were no sewing machines at home. I was never exposed to it. All I can say is it’s in my genes. I remember my friend giving me directions and I just kind of got it.”

“A lot of our customers wanted sewing classes. Eight years ago we started classes and we haven’t looked back. You teach people how to sew well and have fun with it. When they leave here with a garment or other project it looks like it was bought at a store. I absolutely adore the teaching. I think it’s so nice to pass your skills on to someone else who has the same passion.”
“I like the neighbourhood because it’s a community. This street is amazing, the improvements are very nice. It’s very accessible. We are 100 per cent destination. You don’t drive by and decide to buy something, you come here specifically so the area’s perfect for us.”


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